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Gallows Road

By Lisa Hall Brownell | $18.95 | Publication date: April 2, 2022 (Available for pre-order as of February 14, 2022)

A beautiful young woman is put on trial and condemned to death for a crime that she swears she did not commit. Inspired by true events in Connecticut in the 1750s, the novel Gallows Road is told through the eyes of an indentured servant, Mercy Bramble. The mysterious death of her newborn puts Mercy’s life in the hands of a jury while three ministers — and the cult-like Children of God — all fight to save her soul.


Baseball’s Greatest Players: The Story of John Ellis and the Fight Against Cancer

By James Herbert Smith | $19.95 | Publication date: July 4, 2021

John Ellis signed with the Yankees right out of high school and hit a home run in his first game. James Herbert Smith takes the reader through John’s baseball career, including his frequent dustups on the diamond, and his later battle with cancer. This is an endearing tale about an exceptional athlete overcoming adversity and finding a second calling while remaining close friends with Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford and others. 


Combat and Campus

By Annette Langlois Grunset & Sgt Peter R. Langlois | $18.95  Autographed Copy! 

An infantryman’s riveting letters from Vietnam, preserved for fifty years by family, share experiences of living the war that are honest, raw, and graphic. He would return home to a nation still protesting the war in which his younger sister, Annette, had walked to class behind National Guardsmen marching across the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Their correspondence and her poetry off a unique perspective on the war in Vietnam and social change at home.


Robert Brackman Remembered

By Lois H. Constantine | Price: $15.95   

The story of Robert Brackman’s legacy as an artist and teacher. Part biography and part memoir, this is a warm and engaging account of the author’s relationship with Brackman that started as a student and teacher and evolved into an inspiring, life-long friendship. This beautiful soft-cover book contains many color photographs of the work of both Robert Brackman and the author.


5 Rules for Drama-Free Living5-Rules_FrontCover_design

By Elaine Bentley Baughn | Price: $14.95   

A concise how-to guide for removing the drama from your life, complete with humor, good brain science, and insightful strategies that really work.


People of Yellowstone

By Ruth W. Crocker & Steve Horan |

Special Price:  $24.95

Autographed Copy!

Yellowstone National Park is a national treasure recognized throughout the world. This beautiful book features eighty-seven portraits and real-life stories of people who maintain its wildness, capture it in photographs, lead expeditions, collect scientific data, wrangle horses for trail rides, document seismic activity, study wildlife, rescue stranded hikers and climbers, and much more. Learn more >


A Boy’s Life in the Baby Boom: True Tales From Small Town America

By James Herbert Smith | Price: $19.95


A vivid memory of one boy’s life growing up during the1950s and 60s, when kids spent their days safely unsupervised exploring, fishing, rafting, falling in love and eventually facing the possibility of going to war. Learn more >


Opinionated Women in the Land of Steady Habits

By James Herbert Smith | Price: $18.95

Part history, part tribute, melding the voices of 63 women columnists with columns from every newspaper in Connecticut. Distributed by The Ingram Book Company.

Forty Sons and Daughters Finding Father Within

By Jess Maghan & Sam Lindberg |

Special  Price:  $9.95

Autographed Copy!


How did my father influence who I am? Readers will follow forty extraordinary people as they recollect memories of the father-child relationship and how it affected their adult life. These brief essays accompanied by archival photographs will deeply touch both parents and offspring. Learn more >


Those Who Remain: Remembrance and Reunion After War

By Ruth W. Crocker | Special Price: $16.95  Autographed Copy! 


This memoir describes with deeply honest reflection, how we find hope and reconnect to one another (and to ourselves) after tragic loss. The author describes in breathtaking prose, her quest to understand the full impact of the Vietnam War on herself and her generation. Learn more >



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