Those Who Remain: Remembrance and Reunion After War

We are pleased to present Those Who Remain: Remembrance and Reunion After War by Ruth W. Crocker, the first memoir offering from Elm Grove Press.

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A secret is revealed long after the battlefield death of a beloved and courageous army officer. His young widow, in an act of love, is inspired to climb to the treacherous north face of the Eiger in the Swiss Alps to find solace, only to discover years later that those who survived the war – his comrades devoted to keeping his memory alive – would bring the ultimate healing into her life. A compelling true story for those who seek to understand the sources of resilience and emotional transformation following heartbreaking loss and personal sacrifice showing the tenacious will of the human spirit to heal.

Those who remain is a memoir written in beautiful prose, describing in a personal way how the death of her husband in Vietnam reverberated through her life. As Ruth describes, “Losing someone in a war is not something that can be explained, but I can share the experience, my reaction, what helped and didn’t help, and how staying open to the need to understand brought me to a place where I feel whole and committed to peace – ready to hear the stories of others.”


“With thoughtfulness and grace she reconstructs…the experience of grief and how she recovered. A moving exploration of widowhood.” -Kirkus Reviews

“This powerful book charts the journey of a remarkable couple, torn apart by war and brought back together by time and devotion. It is a brave and beautifully observant account of love, loss and the ability to heal.”
-Dick Nash, Vietnam Veteran and former Platoon Leader, A Co 2/22 Infantry, 1969

“A moving illumination of a time in our history that should never be forgotten.”
-Lon D. Oakley, Jr., LTC(S) US Army Retired, A Co 2/22nd Infantry, 1969. President 22nd Infantry Regiment Society


Image (5)Ruth W. Crocker’s essays have been recognized in Best American Essays and nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She is the author of several magazine and journal articles that have been featured in The Gettysburg Review, Grace  Magazine, O-Dark-Thirty, T.A.P.S. Magazine, and The Saturday Evening Post. She writes about family, resilience, coping with the death of loved ones, the aftermath of war, life after personal tragedy, and the writing process. She has presented workshops on memoir and the writing process throughout the United States and is Writer-in-Residence at Riverlight Wellness Center.

She received her her PhD from the University of Connecticut in Nutrition and Human Development and a Master of Education and Counseling from Tufts Universtiy. In 2011 she received an MFA in Creative Writing from Bennington College. She lives in Mystic, Connecticut with her husband, artist Frederic Walperswyler. Her son, Noah Bean, is a television, film and stage actor.

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Those Who Remain: Remembrance and Reunion After War will be released on May 17, 2014 in paperback, Kindle, Nook and Kobo editions. Pre-order your copy in our bookstore and we will ship your order on April 29th so that you will have it a full two weeks ahead of the launch. Visit our bookstore to order your copy.

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