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Gallows Road by Lisa Hall Brownell (Historical Fiction) Pub date: April 2, 2022

A beautiful young woman is put on trial and condemned to death for a crime that she swears she did not commit. Inspired by true events in Connecticut in the 1750s, the novel Gallows Road is told through the eyes of an indentured servant, Mercy Bramble. The mysterious death of her newborn puts Mercy’s life in the hands of a jury while three ministers — and the cult-like Children of God — all fi ght to save her soul.

People of Yellowstone Book Project

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The People of Yellowstone project takes you behind the scenes to meet eighty-five extraordinary people, with beautiful photographs and personal stories about how they found their way to Yellowstone and what they do there. You will meet the legendary John Craighead, one of the first scientists to track and understand the life of grizzly bears; Suzanne Lewis, the first woman to be superintendent of Yellowstone; Grant Bulltail, tribal elder; Doug Smith, who facilitated the reintroduction of the grey wolves;  along with wranglers, park rangers, rescue dog trainers, animal trackers, and many more. Yellowstone is able to remain a wild and wonderful natural treasure because of these fascinating, energetic and courageous people. The book was released on April 1, 2017. Please visit the People of Yellowstone website to learn more about this exciting project and beautiful book.

Gallows Road wins Gold Medal!

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The Military Writers Society of America presented Gallows Road by Lisa Hall Brownell with the esteemed Gold Medal Award for outstanding fiction at their annual meeting in New Orleans on August 25, 2022.

Combat and Campus: Writing Through War

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Combat and Campus: Writing Through War – A magnificent collaboration between poet Annette Langlois Grunseth and her brother, Sgt. Peter R. Langlois, tells their true story of the Vietnam War from a family perspective. An honest, eloquent, raw and graphic portrayal in poetry, prose and Peter’s letters from the heart of battle.
Learn more about the creation of this book on the author’s website

Opinionated Women in the Land of Steady Habits

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Our latest book, edited by veteran journalist James H. Smith, is a collection of opinion columns by women that have been featured in Connecticut newspapers. This is a fascinating collection of brilliant writing available now in all Independent Bookstores. Distributed by the Ingram Book Company.

Robert Brackman Remembered

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Robert Brackman touched the lives of countless people through his art and teaching. His legacy still lives, more than three decades after his death, perpetuated by the enthusiasm of former students who remain passionate about how and what they learned from this master teacher. His love of teaching was unwavering, sometimes as a strong critic, but always with a great eagerness for the student to understand. Brackman arrived in the U.S. as an immigrant from Russia, suffering many hardships as a child. Today his art can be found in museums and collections throughout the world. In this book, Lois H. Constantine tells the story of her relationship with Brackman that started as a student and teacher and evolved into an inspiring friendship.

What people are saying about “5 Rules for Drama-Free Living”

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“In a world filled with self-help books, it’s a rare pleasure to read one that offers so much depth and wisdom in such an easily-readable fashion. Ideas and tools that are field-tested by someone on the front lines of helping others make their lives a much better place to be. Highly recommended!” says Christopher Bauer, PhD, author and psychologist.

Now available! 5 Rules for Drama-Free Living

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A concise guide to clearing the drama-inducing, emotional  clutter from your life. Everyone you know will benefit from reading this beautifully written book by therapist, Elaine Bentley Baughn, MS, LMFT.

“The 5 Rules in this book will help you manage stress, make mindful choices about your life, increase life satisfaction, and regain power over your daily life. This book combines simple explanations of neuroscience, easily accessible mindfulness skills, and pearls of wisdom gleaned from an experienced psychotherapist’s years of helping people reclaim their lives. If you’ve ever wondered if there was a better way, then this book is for you.” Debra Burdick, LCSW, BCN.

People of Yellowstone

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People of YellowstoneYellowstone National Park is a national treasure recognized throughout the world. This beautiful book features eighty-seven portraits and real-life stories of people who maintain its wildness, capture it in photographs, lead expeditions, collect scientific data, wrangle horses for trail rides, document seismic activity, study wildlife, rescue stranded hikers and climbers, and much more. If you’ve always wanted to work in Yellowstone – you will love these stories and photographs.


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